SEO Basics for Small Businesses

7 SEO Basics for Small Businesses

You would agree that for most small business owners, the question at the back of their minds would be “how can I lure FREE Leads/customers to my website/business?”, especially by using SEO best practices that are google compliant. How then do owners of businesses attract leads and their potential customers from the free search traffic online? Well, here are 7 useful SEO Basics for Small Businesses, which can propel your business into unimaginable profitability.

1) Avoid duplicate content

Copying of content is not good and should be avoided at all costs, especially when you are starting out. You should have unique, relevant and original content on your site as that is the only way you can attract and engage people coming to your website. This will keep you from trouble and also shore up your credibility. It will help you to stand out in your market niche and can even help you to be regarded as an authority in your field, w to your fresh and original content publishing.

2) Intelligence gathering

You should be able to learn your prospect’s needs by keeping records or notes of their enquiries and the problems they are seeking solutions for. You can also keep tabs on social media in order to try and learn more about the needs of your customers and how you can best serve them. These findings will be very crucial to your marketing strategy being successful for either paid advertisement or for search engine optimisations, especially with your keyword research.

3) Keywords

Keywords research is important in any digital marketing campaign by understanding and making a list of keywords, which you think your customers might be searching online, will help you in formulating great marketing campaigns for both paid and free traffic from search networks. In fact, getting the keywords right is the core foundation and key point of this 7 SEO Basics for a Small Business. You may want to start out with a couple of FAQs by customers and then answer these by using your findings from the keywords obtained during your intelligence gathering.

4) Focused content

Keep your content as much as possible in line with your audience needs as well as to your niche, products or services. Do not at any one time appear to be over-pushing your offers, but rather ensure you are providing useful and helpful information that is relevant to your visitors and audience.

5) Understand your customers

This point is one of the outstanding key SEO Basics for Small Businesses. It is not surprising observing increased traffic to a website, especially when the content on that site is relevant in addressing the needs of the visitors to the site. A good understanding of these visitors personas is what your business needs to do, in order to convert them to paying customers of your goods and services.

6) Be flexible with content delivery

Try as much as possible to be flexible in the way you are delivering your content. Don’t be too technical-oriented in your content delivery, but rather think of how to make your ideas and point easily understandable to the average person out there. Learn other effective ways of delivering your content that can be fun to your target audience. You can use videos, which have proven effective in more than many ways.

7) Have a mobile-friendly site

Of all the key SEO Basics for Small Businesses discussed here, point 7 is one not be taken lightly, because it is a fact that Mobile searches have now surpassed Desktop searches since October 2015. Your content must be customized to be mobile-friendly. With Mobile searches increasing in popularity every day, you cannot afford to miss the opportunity of being found online from mobile devices, just because your site is not mobile-friendly.

It is something any good SEO company or website designer like us can help you fix. Simply Contact Us and we’ll be glad to help. Non-mobile-friendly sites would likely lose their ranking positions because from May 2016 as this article reveals, Google will start “increasing the effect of the [mobile-friendly] ranking signal” globally.

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