Social Media Management

Selling With Social SEO And Social Media Management

Every business owner knows that having a well-rounded online presence is important. With 85% of consumers going online to find local businesses, reviews posted on local review websites such as Yelp, Yahoo!, Google+ and other social media channels can be the deciding factor on whether or not a potential customer decides to choose a business over its competitors.

Local review websites are not a new concept and with people actually preferring local consumer thoughts and  reviews over editorial reviews, this can open up opportunities to capture publishable content to the social media channels of a local business.

Content publishing to Social Media channels when done correctly, can also have a direct impact on the rankings of a website in search engines like Google, thanks to the back links going back to the local business website from these high powered social media websites.

In order to be able improve the rank ability of the local business website, it is suggested that:

1) A keyword research exercise is conducted to determine what the potential business prospects are searching for (keyword research).

2) On Site – Based on the results of (1) above, ensure that the business Page contents, Titles, Meta descriptions, etc reflect the keyword research conducted above.

3) Off Site – Based on the results of (1) above, ensure that the outgoing marketing incorporates the same keyword relevancy, correct engagement material and persuasive call to action.

The three steps above will not only help the local business to gain visibility online, but also will aid them with increasing their sales enquiries and broader online engagement in their locality or region.

Majority of Most Local Business owners we’ve encountered know they need to take advantage of the growing opportunities available online through national and international social networking, mostly accessible from their social media channels.

However, these businesses are sometimes confronted with the challenge that comes with managing their social media channels as well as building and engaging loyal audiences/customers online, which are all integral parts of their overall Online/Social Media marketing strategy.

With the introduction of our Done-For-You Social Media Management Service, which is powered by the cloud technology, Local Business are able to overcome the challenges of generating sales as well as the challenges of building genuine and loyal audiences/customers online.

This Done-For-You Social Media Management Service will not only save you time and hassles from looking for relevant and engaging contents to use on your social media channels, but also will take care of the posting of these contents on your channels automatically for you, with back-links built to your website to drive visitors to your site and improve your ranking at the same time.

On registering to use the service, you will observe that we have the ability to directly grow followers for your local or regional businesses anywhere by assessing the respective region or local keyword relevancy. We will also ensure that:

1) The Follower/following ratios are kept in check in order to avoid excessive follows.

2) The Potential Audience/followers are geographically relevant.

3) The Local Business Brand Awareness is Raised and Reputation Protected with engagements.

4) Reduce the time and cost taken from the Business with the creation of engaging and relevant content shared regularly on their social media channels.

5) In scenarios where you want to view and approve the contents before they are posted, we will await your approval before posting to the relevant social media channels of your business, once the content and media have been approved.


A keyword campaign is a particular marketing focus for your business. If for example you were a car dealer and you might want to “sell more cars” or “market car finance for new car buyers”. In either case a campaign is required that would be linked to a page on your cars dealer’s website.

If the dealer want’s to focus on the campaigns mentioned above they will need to have a “Buy New/used cars” page or “Car financing Option” page somewhere on the website. This is because those two pages on the website are the landing pages for any enquries that we generate via the social media.

The keyword campaign from our Done-For-You Social Media Management, also comprise:

– The pages we track in Google, Bing and Yahoo
– The keyword data we request from WordTracker
– The type, size and demographic of the audience we grow
– The kinds of posts we use
– The landing pages we create
– The backlinks that are generated
– The SEO reports we create
– The Competitors we track


Currently we support 4 major social media platforms, namely; Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and LinkedIn.

As an example if you select “1 Post Per Day” underneath the “Posts Per Platform” Here you are agreeing to allow us to post once a day across all the 4 social media platforms of your business. That one post a day will be made to your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and LinkedIn social media channels, making it a total of 4 posts altogether in a Day.

Alternatively, If you’ve selected “3 Posts Per Day” it will mean that a total of 12 posts will be made across your four social media channels of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and LinkedIn…..4 platforms x 3 Posts Per Day.

Do register today and start using this Done-For-You Social Media Management service now to generate more brand awareness and business enquiries and Sales.