PPC Pay Per Click Bristol

Our Pay Per Click Services & Pricing in Black & White

We offer three pay per click services, namely;
1) PPC Setup
2) PPC Tune and
3) PPC management.

These services vary from the viewpoints that we can set-up a new pay per click account from scratch, tune an existing pay per click account or offer ongoing monthly management of both new and existing PPC accounts and campaigns.

1. PPC SETUP Services

A) PPC SETUP: For small websites – £347*

Up to 60 keywords
Up to 10 Adgroups
Up to 20 adverts

B) PPC SET-UP: For medium sized websites – £597*

Up to 100 keywords
Up to 20 Adgroups
Up to 40 adverts

C) PPC SET-UP: For large and corporate websites – £997*

Up to 150 keywords
Up to 30 Adgroups
Up to 100 adverts

The Fixed price PPC set-up service includes:

Keyword research
Campaign creation
Ad group creation
Writing adverts and selecting landing pages
Configuring max Cost Per Click (CPC)
Configuring advanced aspects such as position preference and limiting ad display times
Configuration of analytics for conversion data
Report of changes, covering keywords, advert text, costs
*Our set-up fees are for one paid search provider, if you wish to use or are using numerous paid search providers (i.e. Yahoo, Google and MSN) then please contact us to discuss appropriate pricing.

2. PPC Management Services

The PPC management service fee is 15% of your monthly spend. For this you will receive the following services:

With Monthly report detailing all keyword information, costs, and conversions (if analytics has been configured).
Monthly “tweak” – we will amend any adverts and keywords that are underperforming and also update CPC as required.

3. Existing PPC Accounts Tuning  Services

Perhaps your existing paid advertising campaign is up and running but doesn’t seem to be generating enough traffic, or costs are very high with little click-through rates (CTRs).

We can help reduce costs while increasing traffic through to the site. We do this using a number of tried and tested PPC campaign technique – such as improving adverts, researching more niche keywords, configuring day-parting and more.

Depending on how large your PPC campaign is, we will charge A set fees to tune it up for you and will be discussed and agreed before we start.

Call us on 0117-905-9980 or Contact Us to learn what is possible for you.