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Is An SEO Agency Hurting Your Pocket?

Before you entrust your money in hiring an SEO agency, it is important to know what you are about to get into because there are a few companies which will not only hurt your pocket, but can also destroy the reputation your business. Most of these fictitious companies use black hat tactics in their practices and it is advisable to beware of such companies.

Let us assume that you have hired an SEO agency to work for you, what should you do next? Should you put all your trust in them and leave them to their devices expecting that your rankings will shoot up in a few months? The answer is definitely no. You should instead follow up on everything they are doing by at least demanding and looking at the monthly reports of their SEO services on your site, if they are not already sending it to you.

The earlier you start doing this the better because it can save you a lot of misery later on. Below are some symptoms to look out for to ascertain if an SEO agency can hurt your pocket and reputation.

A) Reluctance to offer feedback

Your SEO Agency should have something to show you in the course of their work. It does not necessarily have to be in terms of results or rankings but they must have something to show you especially how they are progressing with their work. You have a right to ask for deliverables because you are paying them and they must be accountable for the job they are doing. Here are some of the things they should be able to provide you with upon request or on their own initiative

  • Optimized contents created and posted on your site and social accounts
  • An elaborate SEO audit of your site
  • Articles with back-links to your site that have been published or in the process of publication
  • Analysis of your keyword and website position on the search engines
  • Your site’s link profile analysis
  • The Keyword searches that brings leads to your site
  • Plus much much more

All these information is not only proof enough that something is being done on your site but also that no shady techniques are involved. It shows evidences of work done and work in progress. If they are able to produce such information then it shows they are serious about their work. Failure to do so should ring alarm bells and it will be time to really decide if you wish to continue with them or simply severe links.

B) They don’t ask for anything

A good SEO agency that is competent should be in a position to ask you something regarding the job they are undertaking for you because you are the site owner. Among the various things one expects them to ask for include:

  • Approval to access your website
  • Approval to access the Google analytics of your website
  • Approval to access your social media accounts
  • Past audits or penalties on your site
  • List of target keyword you are aiming to rank for and things like that

If they are not asking for anything it could be that they are just adding links from their spam sites and there is a chance they are doing harmful things to your site. It is time to let them pack and go. These types of companies can really hurt your pockets and your site’s reputation too. It is better to know them early and reduce irreparable damage to your business.

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