5 Good SEO Practices For Small Businesses

The Internet is the main marketing tool for businesses today, thus keeping one updated on the most innovative strategies to get online is of utmost importance. This is because it helps entrepreneurs maintain a better marketing edge over the competition. Unlike the usual marketing tools, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a digital marketing skill set that helps to drive targeted traffic online. If you want your business to remain relevant in this digital age, you must become a master of good industry SEO practices that the search engines love. At present, Google is able to reward top-notch web content which is relevant to a search query much faster.

Among the good SEO practices to consider and possibly utilise for your business are;

1) Having Great Content – Content Is King

This isn’t about to change either. Google is increasingly rewarding high-quality content such that there’s less focus on the saturation of keywords and instead, the focus is now on how relevant your content is to search queries. You must therefore continually create high-quality content which employs the relevant queries your potential consumer base will use on search engines. Develop definitive guides that your customers will deem as interesting and valuable; create the type of content that makes you feel compelled to read, comment and share when you see it on other websites.

2) Having A Good Social Presence – Social Media Carries Weight

There are many predictions saying Google uses social media too when ranking content. With the rising prominence of user experience, social signals do carry weight in an SEO strategy. Social signals are a good indicator of how many users consider your content valuable enough to share it.

3) Having Mobile Friendly Site – Take Advantage Of Mobile Search Traffic

At present, searches on mobile platforms have overtaken PC searches by volume such that mobile user experience is a crucial factor in the algorithm used by Google. Mobile-friendly sites are ranked higher in mobile searches with an added snippet showing if the site is mobile friendly or not. Optimizing your website for mobile users will see an increase in organic traffic.Moreover, Google offers an easy tool that you can use to check if your site is mobile responsive.

4) Use Brand Signals For Better Rewards

Brand signals are continually rewarded by Google, therefore, it is quite important for webmasters and website owners who want to rank in top positions to craft signals that show search engines that they are a great brand. This means your social media channels must be active and you should ensure you update your links with brand anchor texts so users can locate your business easily via searching for your brand name.

5) Leverage Multimedia Content

If you are to stay relevant in digital scene, you should create high quality and original content that also incorporates visual media [graphics, videos as well as packaging and presentation].More users today are increasingly favoring visual content and this is bound to increase with time.With a growing emphasis on user experience, search engines are more likely to rank multimedia content even higher. Google is already trying out video ads on search results. Going forward, more technologies are likely to push this trend further and this will mean a big win for you when it comes to engagement and conversion.

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