Does SEO work for small business

Does SEO work for small business?

This is a million dollar question that most startup and small business owners have to grapple with. If you are objective enough and look at both sides of the coin, you will find arguments for and against SEO for small business. It is a difficult question to answer since it depends on a number of variables which are at play here. SEO actually works for some but proves to be a challenge for others. Let us look at this dichotomy to try and find out if SEO do work for a small business.

1) The question of finances

Looking at many small businesses, it is quite obvious they require funds, customers, and sales in order to keep their heads above the waters. Many small businesses have limited resources and manpower to actually use SEO effectively because the exercise requires little monetary investment up front. A business has to spend money in order to get money. Many big businesses have sufficient amounts of money which they use to get Returns On Investments (ROI). Employing SEO work for your small business is not an exception, and the more money you invest into it, the more ROI you get.

Small businesses are usually tied to small budgets whose impact is proportionately small. A small business may not have sufficient resources to hire first class and professional consultants neither does it have the muscle to invest in professional content and web design and this makes its path to success a difficult one. Having said that, it is still achievable for SEO to work for small business owner with proper planning, budgeting and rapport-building with the SEO agency he or she chooses to work with.

2) Low key focus on important tasks

Another thing is that with fewer resources, SEO-related activities and tasks do not tend to have the priority and attention they require in the mind of a small business owner. Sometimes important things get to be put on hold because of inadequate manpower and finances. These small businesses compare dismally to big brands which are favored by search engines because they are ranked higher as they are clicked more often by people.

They are easily recognizable and this makes it virtually impossible for a small business to compete on the same level with these big companies. Again, if the site of a small business is relatively new and small, it is likely that it will be having fewer content, keywords and anything that can help in an SEO campaign, without engaging SEO work for his or her small business. This makes it a challenge for small businesses to make it in this regard.

3) Employ competent SEO companies

However, it is not all gloom and doom for these small business sites because SEO is still worth the trouble for them because it is the only way a small business can have a reasonable presence online. This is because no other type of online marketing can assure a small business of a good return like SEO. By engaging mediocre SEO companies, a small business gets burned down very easily. That is the more reason why small businesses should employ SEO in the correct manner because it has the potential of delivering a continuous stream of organic traffic.

In conclusion, SEO actually works for small business especially when this type of work is left in the hands of a competent SEO provider. By doing this, the business will have the time to develop other aspects of business operations. It is therefore, better to invest in a reputable company even if it means stretching limited resources because the returns would definitely be worth the investment.

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